OCT 02nd 2014

Paris Motor Show: Volkswagen XL Sport

XL Sport

Arguably one of the most interesting cars from Volkswagen in years just got even more exciting thanks to some input from Italian bike manufacturer Ducati. When we drove the limited edition 313mpg XL1 Volkswagen’s people hinted at the existence of a V-twin engined XL1 being played with by its skunkworks engineers, but we didn’t think they’d actually make it.

Well it’s here, in Paris – in XL Sport concept form at least. Volkswagen is rolling out the usual ‘there are no plans to build it’ line, but start lobbying them if, like us, the idea of a lightweight, carbon fibre, paddle-shifted, rear-wheel drive, compact 200hp car with 5.7-second 0-62mph capability and 167mph top speed appeals. Somewhat different in concept to its eco-focused relation then, but no less brilliant.

XL Sport

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