OCT 28th 2014

Video: Porsche Sound Night... like a stage version of a GRR 'Firing On...'

Porsche’s Sound Night took place at the weekend and the concept really is as simple as the name: several cars from the Porsche museum came on stage, and were revved to the delight of the audience. If you speak German, you’ll also be able to enjoy the commentary that details some history of the cars, but if you don’t you can still enjoy the sound of a great variety of machines. 356, 911 Carerra RSR, 956, 918 Spyder… all were used as musical instruments.

It struck us as being rather like a stage version of our own weekly Friday ‘Firing On… feature – which is absolutely fine by us. Just like our Firing On… videos, the Porsche film also gets some great close-ups of the subject cars.

So watch – and, more importantly, listen – to the above. 

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