OCT 02nd 2014

Volkswagen turns the XL1 into a supercar – with a little help from Ducati

On paper, the thought of a two-cylinder sports car that boasts about its efficiency doesn’t sound very exciting. Which is why it’s important to see a photo of the Volkswagen XL Sport before you read a word about it. It looks stunning. And then you discover that the V2 motor is from a Ducati 1199 Superleggera – the world’s most powerful two-cylinder engine – and it all starts to seem like a much more appealing proposition.

It’s a development of eco-focused XL1, the £100k city car it’s OK to love, and takes it into the supercar territory we’re more used to at that price point. Not that Volkswagen is talking turkey about the XL Sport yet, it’s still a concept. There are performance figures though: 167mph, a 0-62mph time of 5.7sec, a power output of 197bhp and an 11,000rpm redline. There’s no doubting the numbers give this two-pot sports car credibility.

As does its exterior. The XL1’s slender slip-through-the-air styling has responded well to lengthening, widening and generally pumping-up. The XL1’s enclosed rear wheel detail may have gone, but there’s still plenty of aerodynamic focus to the XL Sport’s look. Will we see it at Festival of Speed? We hope so…

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