NOV 03rd 2014

Chris Harris: On good times, great cars... and Goodwood Road & Racing!

Chris Harris joins Goodwood

Chris Harris joins the GRR team

I’ve felt it several times over the past decade, but never with the same intensity as I did at this year’s Revival.

It was 7am, the grass was already phosphorescent in the post-dawn sunlight and I was wandering over to grab some brekkie in the paddock. I walked past a line of old military vehicles and behind them in the near distance were parked two Spitfires. Most importantly, everyone who walked near me, past me or towards me made eye-contact and said ‘Morning!’ with the cheeriest of smiles.

The feeling was one of basic happiness and, furthermore, of wanting to spend much more time at Goodwood. It seems like the natural home for the type of car enthusiasm I have come to enjoy the most – a broad church of old and new; fast and slow; curious and obvious. What better way of doing that than working here?!

So I had a chat with editor Chris-R and we hatched a plan designed to satisfy the appetite of the GRR audience. Lots of new car content – focusing mainly on the faster more exciting machinery, a heap of old car content – driven on road and race track – and all of this garnished with less obvious stories that fit quite naturally under the Goodwood ‘enthusiast’ banner. My remit will stop short of offering sartorial advice for the Revival itself – save advising people that the best gear is actually for sale in the stalls at the event itself.

Does that mean I want to be telling you that the new Golf R beats the Audi S3 by half a point on the new Goodwood road test scale? Absolutely not. I hope there will never be a Goodwood road test score.

I want to celebrate the good, but also the awkward and the obscure. If something’s genuinely bad, then I’ll say as much – but it strikes me that the last genuinely bad car I drove was several years ago. Actually, the last Lamborghini Aventador I drove was a swine.

But most of all I want to have fun and do it in the spirit of Goodwood. The Festival of Speed and the Revival are two of the best motoring events in the world, and the Members’ Meeting will surely follow suit in short time – so with the help of GRR compadres Chris, Andy, Adam and Bob, and fellow new contributors Andrew Frankel, Henry Hope-Frost and Ed Legge, I think this site can become one of the best destinations for the discerning petrolhead.

I’m very keen to hear what you want to read about, and to celebrate some of the cars you drive and enjoy. But enough of the pre-amble, because from here on my stuff is going to be all about the metal and carbonfibre. How about the latest crop of hypercars? I’m one of the few people I know who has driven them all…

More from Chris Harris on GRR soon. Check back often!

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