NOV 05th 2014

Conceptual Art: 2009 Mercedes‑Benz F‑Cell


A glance at the history of concept cars reveals that the majority are intended to capture the essence of speed and elegance. Todays Conceptual Art subject is devoid of the former but, we’d argue, scoring big points in the case of the latter.

Perhaps it’s the wonderful use of spoked wheels allied with the modern-looking tub, Mercedes-Benz snout and wooden flooring, but to us this is an appealing vehicle even if the top speed is 15mph.

M-B hybridmercedes-benz-f-cell4_OErkw_69

The upside of that disappointing top speed is that it had a reported range of 210 miles, although at 15mph you’d be in the saddle for 14 hours… if you didn’t stop once. 

The F-Cell was developed by Daimler AG trainees and clearly echoes the Benz Motor Car of the late 1880s. Even the wheels are the same size! The motor though was a 1.2KW hybrid drive and the whole effort was a study on the feasibility of re-engineered historic cars.

M-B hybridmercedes-benz-f-cell3_OpxW1_69

Nothing ever became of the F-Cell, but we reckon with the advances in hybrid technology since 2009 that the speed could be upped to a more useful 30-35mph without compromising the range. Then, it would be a hit! What do you say, Mercedes-Benz? 

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