NOV 12th 2014

Conceptual Art: 2014 Koenigsegg RAGE... the next hypercar?

Koenigsegg RAGE

Where do you go once you’ve produced a 273mph, 1360bhp ‘megacar?’ If things go according to plan for Koenigsegg, its next offering could resemble the rendering you see here. Stunning, isn’t it? Although we’re not quite sure what the single ‘eye lash’ is for above the headlamps.


GRR scored the world’s first (albeit tentative) drive of the One:1 earlier in the year on the eve of the Festival of Speed, and having produced a car with performance to tuck away any of the triumvirate of celebrated hybrid hypercars, everyone will be watching carefully to see what the power-mad Swedes come up with next. Disappointingly though for those hoping for some sort 2000bhp tarmac-shredder which could potentially affect the planet’s orbit if its full acceleration was employed, the next creation from Christian von Koenigsegg’s emporium is likely to be an ‘entry model’ car with around half of the One:1’s power output, as was revealed earlier this year.

Koenigsegg RAGE

The recent release of the concept you see depicted here has set tongues wagging that this could be the shape of the next car. The nose and wrap-around windscreen are in keeping with the Koenigsegg flavour, but look at those air intakes… Whichever motor is intended for this design it would appear not to need the same levels of cooling as previous models and therefore could be home to a ‘mild’ 600-700bhp engine. Going off previous form this is likely to be a forced-induction V8. 

Koenigsegg RAGE

Ultimately though, whether this is an  initial feasibility study or just a styling exercise, we think it looks stunning and would encourage Koenigsegg to spend the long, dark Scandinavian winter getting one built in time for next year’s FoS. Naturally, we’d be happy to offer ourselves up as the first to drive that one, too …

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