NOV 12th 2014

Exclusive: Chris Harris reader Q&A on the new Mercedes‑AMG GT


Want to ask Chris Harris a question about the thrilling new Porsche 911 rival from Mercedes-AMG? Here’s your chance…

The world’s motoring media is getting its first chance to sample the new Mercedes-AMG GT on the Laguna Seca circuit and on the street in California, and we are delighted that our newest contributor Chris Harris is there to represent Goodwood Road & Racing.

You can read Chris Harris’s exclusive first review of a car that could re-shape the landscape for enthusiasts of German sportscars right here.

When he’s back in the country next week, we’re also lining Chris up to answer your questions about the new model. If you’ve got a good one, post it in the comments section under Chris’s first on-track review or his road drive (or below this article).

We’ll curate the best questions, and Chris will answer them once he’s over the jet-lag…

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