NOV 20th 2014

Ferrari‑engined Fiat 500 will be built! V8 Alfa 4C on the cards, too ....

Fiat 550 Italia

‘We have just received some parts from Modena today’ confirms Lazzarini Design’s Enrico Biaggioli after we enquire as to the state of the Fiat 550 Italia project which made waves when it was first announced in 2012.

At the time the Italian design studio was looking for the funds to help make a prototype and it looks like they’ve been successful. In a market beginning to creak under the strain of ‘special’ Fiat 500 models, the 550 Italia is a very welcome diversion from the normal funky-paint-and-decals jobs which may or may not incorporate some engine upgrades and a lowering kit.


The 550 Italia will employ the engine upgrade to rule them all in the form of a 4.5 litre Ferrari V8 from a 458 which will produce around 550bhp. ‘We just want to have fun!’ Enrico exclaims as we ask if they might go for more power.  ‘If things go well in testing with the non-turbo car then we will fit a Hennessey twin-turbo kit.’ That should yield well-over 700bhp. Oh they’ll ‘have fun’ all right …

Fiat 550 Italia

With parts arriving at Lazzarini now the prototype build is scheduled to begin in January, with the 2015 Festival of Speed already earmarked as an ideal place to introduce the 550 Italia to the world. We can’t wait!

Not content with offering what will be the world’s most extreme Fiat 500 derivative, Lazzarini has produced drawings for a twin-turbo, 458-engined Alfa Romeo 4C. They really weren’t joking about having fun, were they?

Alfa 4C V8

‘We have designed this car from the blueprints’ reveals Enrico of the 4C. ‘The 4C engine fits in sideways, so fitting the V8 as it sits in the 458 means that we would only have to add around 10 to 15 centimetres.’ It sounds to us like an Italian answer to the Anglo-American Hennessey Venom, although this one is yet to progress beyond the drawing board. Enrico confirms: ‘we are looking for investors to help make the 4C Definitiva a reality.’ Show the world a working 550 Italia at FoS and I reckon the’ll be well on the way.

Alfa 4C

Lazzarini is also looking to sell the rights to film the entire building process of the 550 Italia. Contact info@lazzarinidesignstudio with serious enquiries only please.   

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