NOV 06th 2014

Four‑wheel‑drive Jaguar F‑Type revealed! Will help Bloodhound SSC clear 1000mph

In South Africa today a four-wheel drive Jaguar F-Type R Coupe will be driven by Bloodhound SSC Project Director Richard Noble. Apparently he will be driving the car flat-out across the Hakskeen Pan desert performing a test crucial to the Bloodhound project.

The former World Land Speed Record holder will be heading across the desert flat-out whilst a jet aircraft will be flying towards him at just 50 feet and at 500 knots. The Jaguar probably won’t hit its limited top speed of 186mph due to the sortness of the surface, but the closing speed of around 700mph will allow the team to test the communication system to be used by the ground crew and Andy Green during Bloodhound SSC’s record attempts.


Jaguar is now formally on-board the project to crack 1000mph as a technical partner, helping the team to better Green’s 1997 speed of 763.035mph before aiming to top 1000mph in 2016.

Judging by the thick layer of frost surrounding Hangar 8 this morning, an all-wheel-drive F-Type R Coupe could come in  rather handy. But, might it dampen the rear-drive car’s highly entertaining, slightly unhunged character?

With the help of former BTCC ace Anthony Reid we determined EARLIER THIS YEAR that the standard rear-wheel-drive F-Type was a match for the more expensive Porsche 911 in the entertainment department. Could the addition of four-wheel-drive also bring the F-Type closer to the Porsche’s faster overall pace? We just might have to find that one out for you.  

Meanwhile, here’s some footage of the four-wheel-drive F-Type in action …



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