NOV 25th 2014

Mercedes reveals rakish CLA 45 AMG Shooting Brake with 355bhp and 4x4

We’re big fans of the ‘fast estate’ here at Goodwood. Well, we’re sitting in the middle of one, so it’s hardly surprising. (Boom-tish, etc.)

The new CLA 45 AMG Shooting Brake from Mercedes is based on the compact CLA saloon (itself built off the A45 hatchback platform), but looks much more like its bigger brother the CLS. More importantly it comes with those potent AMG badges, which means the stylish little hauler is a pocket-rocket too. In fact the CLA45 AMG Shooting Brake shares the 355bhp four-cylinder turbo engine and drive-train of its AMG-badged hatchback and saloon siblings so reaches 62mph in 4.7secs and will crack 155mph. That’s thank to an engine M-B claims is the most powerful (series production) four-cylinder in the world, and all for the princely sum of £43,000, with five seats 

Mercedes says the new CLA ‘lends itself to the enjoyment of all manner of leisure pursuits and is sure to delight a physically active target group that enjoys a design-oriented lifestyle and is constantly on the lookout for new trends.’ Well, we’re not entirely sure we meet all the parameters M-B expects of its owners, but if they want to send one over we’ll do our best! 

Meanwhile, if you’re not too keen on all that performance, perhaps you’ll be tempted by an ‘Engineered by AMG’ version?

‘Engineered by AMG’ is not terribly catchy as spec-levels go, but the thought of a 4Matic-equipped CLA Shooting Brake with a punchy diesel engine is definitely appealing – especially here in leafy West Sussex, what with all the autumnal weather we’ve been having.

But we’d still take the fast one!

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