NOV 07th 2014

New McLaren ‘Sports Series’ will take on the Porsche 911 and AMG GT


McLaren will define its new Porsche 911 and M-B AMG GT-rivalling models with the family/range name ‘Sports Series’ when it launches next year.


Old guard: McLaren will take on the 911 with the Sports Series.

Currently referred to in-house as ‘P13’, our friends at McLaren tell us the Sports Series will encompass a variety of derivatives – they won’t confirm exactly what that means yet, but we reckon it has to be (at least) coupé, spider and motorsport/track-focused versions, each of which will be given a specific model name within the Sports Series family.

The Sports Series cars will feature a carbon chassis tub and mid-mounted 3.8 V8s related closely to those in the 650S, but with starting prices expected to be in the region of £125k the new junior McLarens seem sure to engage buyers currently contemplating established German rivals.

Interestingly, the adoption of a range name for the newcomer suggests a similar approach will be adopted for the 650S family. So when McLaren repositions its 650 models under a new Supersports Series family – you heard the move speculated-upon at GRR first!

N.B. McLaren reckons the Sports Series cars will be unveiled in Quarter 2 next year – which means we’ll be very disappointed not to see it at the Festival of Speed

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