DEC 03rd 2014

LaFerrari gets the XX treatment: FXX K to take on McLaren P1 GTR

With a name that looks like a censored expletive, the Ferrari FXX K will make its debut at the Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi next week. It’s the latest in Ferrari’s track-only double-X series of cars that are free from road and motorsport regulations.

The ‘laboratory car’, as Ferrari calls it, is based on the LaFerrari, its hybrid power train producing 1035bhp (848bhp comes from its 6262cc V12 engine, the other 187bhp coming from its electric motor). New camshafts and intake manifolds help with the power, but the biggest news comes from KERS setting (that’s what the K in FXX K stands for, by the way). 


There are four settings for the KERS: Long Run gives consistent power, Manual Boost gives instant maximum torque on request (think push to pass), Fast Charge to recharge the battery and the best-sound setting Qualify for maximum performance over a short time.

There are more electrics from the laboratory LaFerrari. Ferrari’s Side  Slip Control, seen on the 458 Speciale, makes a comeback (this calibrated for the Pirelli slick tyres). Drivers can also control the ABS on the five-position Manettino settings, while there’s also the usual roll-call of E-diff and F1-TRAC traction control.

With the FXX K going up against the McLaren P1 GTR, all we need is a track-optimised version of the Porsche 918 for another ‘which is the best hypercar?’ debate.


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