DEC 05th 2014

Sergio, by Ferrari. Not the biggest‑selling aftershave this Christmas.


Ferrari’s 60-years of collaboration with Pininfarina is honoured in the name of this latest Ferrari limited edition model, which is named after the great Sergio Pininfarina – founder of the eponymous Cambiano-based coach-builder.

Which makes our headline something of a heresy, for which we most fulsomely apologise.

Ferrari Sergio

Only six collectors will have the chance to own a Sergio, because that’s all Ferrari will build. The car is based on the 458 Spider, and its volumes and surface treatments are said to reflect the spirit of Pininfarinas 1960s and ’70s creations for Ferrari. Or as the official Ferrari statement puts it: ‘Proportions have been pushed to the extreme with the front of the car seeming to penetrate the rear which itself projects forward.’

We’re not quite sure what that means, either!

Ferrari Sergio

The next bit is a little clearer: ‘The Sergio’s design was never an end in itself but is a marriage of function and aesthetics. The semi-floating development of the front spoiler beneath the bonnet balances downforce and optimises heat exchange. The roll-bar is a modern take on the classic Ferrari flying buttress and negative rear window.  Integrated into the roll-bars are the air intakes for clutch and gearbox oil cooling.  Lastly, the rear nolder and rear extractor generate downforce, adding an efficient finishing flourish to the car’s design.  

‘At the front of the car, Pininfarina has integrated the headlights in a classic move, turning them into a single transparent transverse element, a signature of the car’s extreme formal purity. At the rear, the circular tail lights are another modern nod to Ferrari history.  The two-tone theme continues on both the front bonnet and rear deck with the latter featuring the iconic circular air vents seen on other iconic Pininfarina creations from the past.’

So there you have it – the new Ferrari Sergio. The one pictured here is the first customer car, which has just been delivered to its new owner in Dubai – who is doubtless racking his brains for a new nickname for it as we speak.

Ferrari Sergio

When ours arrives (not really!), we’re going to call it Seamus.

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