DEC 17th 2014

Video: Range Rover Sport SVR on the limit

If you just listened to this video from JLR without watching the pictures, you’d be forgiven that head-of-dynamics (to give him an unofficial job title) Mike Cross is describing a hot Jaguar F-type. ‘Light, stiff, perfect feedback… adjustability, poise, balance.’ Then talk switches to torque vectoring, torque figures and he signs off by describing the subject as a ‘true driver’s car.’

But this isn’t a small coupé; instead it’s the Range Rover Sport SVR (yes, we question the ‘light’ claim, too, but everything’s relative…). Watching the RR crossed up and sideways does convince us that there is a case for it being a driver’s car. We admit to being mesmerised by the perfect, slow-motion four-wheel drift. Oh, and it’s worth hanging on to the end of the minute and a half for the 5.0-litre supercharged V8’s noise, too.


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