FEB 14th 2014

European debut for Lexus RC F at Geneva

Confidently billed as ‘the most powerful V8 performance car Lexus has yet developed’, much is expected of the RC F, and not just dizzying performance…

In order to achieve good economy from its 5.0 V8 Lexus has managed to come up with a way of manipulating the valve timing to produce an effect similar to the ‘Atkinson cycle’ (power stroke longer than compression stroke) at cruising speeds – which gives superior economy – and the more familiar ‘Otto cycle’ at higher RPM to give strong performance. Clever stuff.

The cleverness doesn’t stop there either. As well as a newly-calibrated eight-speed transmission, Lexus claims the RC F will use a Torque Vectoring Differential (apparently a first in a front engine/rear drive sports coupe) in a bid to harness the V8’s power, which is expected to be ‘well in excess of 450bhp.’

The RC F also gets the usual more aggressive styling treatment over the cooking RC Coupe, and a GT3 version is due to be unveiled at Geneva – revealing Lexus’s ambitions to go racing. Clearly, it’s aimed at an area of the market populated by the BMW M4.  Will it succeed against the rival Bavarian car on-track as well as in the showrooms?




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