FEB 12th 2014

Honda reveals Geneva line‑up

With the Geneva Motor Show just around the corner, expect a steady stream of manufacturers keen to trumpet their concept models and latest technology. Honda is the latest to give us a glimpse in to the (near) future.

First up is its ‘racing car for the road’ in the form of a Civic Type R Concept. Much like the Vauxhall Astra Extreme we peeked at recently it employs some rather bold, be-winged styling and hints at mighty performance. Next year is the proposed release date for next Type R Civic, which is sure to be among the more keenly-anticipated hot hatches.

Even more keenly-anticipated is the next Honda NSX. Also slated to arrive in 2015,  the Japanese giant has taken the step of revealing the powertrain layout of its tech-laden supercar. As with the first incarnation (produced until 2005) the motive force comes from a V6, however this time a turbo will be fitted to each exhaust manifold, and four-wheel-drive will be achieved thanks to electric motors, what Honda calls its ‘Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system.’

If Honda can deliver all of that, expect some concerned glances from the supercar establishment.







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