FEB 13th 2014

Martini stirs up the F1 paddock

It’s been one of the most talked-about rumours surrounding Formula One in recent weeks, and now it now looks increasingly likely that Martini is to return to the sport as a full-branded sponsor.

The famous Italian vermouth distiller had a presence in F1 as recently as 2008 when it last appeared on the snout of the Ferrari – however that was only as a minor sponsor. But after a Martini-branded Williams F1 shirt ‘accidentally’ appeared for sale on an official F1 merchandise website, speculation has been rife that talks are at an advanced stage that Martini will be Williams’ principal sponsor.

In the entire history of motor racing there are few liveries as memorable as Martini’s, which has appeared on Porsches and Lancias in sports cars and rallying, as well as Tecno, Brabham, Lotus, as well as more recently Ferrari in Formula One. Officially Williams is still declining to comment, stating only that the 2014 livery will be revealed in time for the Australian Grand Prix.

Certainly, if Martini is to appear as Williams’ F1 livery for 2014 then the attention paid to it will be huge, as it was with Brabham between 1975 and 1977.

All of which makes you think…what would other iconic F1 liveries of the past look on an F1 car of today? Thanks to escapeartistdesign.net, we know now. Brilliant, that’s how they’d look. The designs below, all based on a McLaren MP4-28 from last year, showcase some brilliant liveries from over the years and, if nothing else, make you misty-eyed for the days of tobacco sponsorship…








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