FEB 28th 2014

Maserati makes a different kind of music

Bowers & Wilkins with Maserati makeover

Bowers & Wilkins has recently released a Maserati edition of its P5 headphones, presumably following the logic that Maserati owners are fans of all things that make a decent sound.

As befits a bit of kit with such a long name, the Bowers & Wilkins P5 Maserati Edition Mobile Hi-Fi Headphones are stacked with technology and features to provide high quality sound. If you’re turned on by the news that they contain “ultra-linear neodymium magnets and highly optimised Mylar diaphragms”, you’re just the kind of person they’re aimed at.

On a more superficial level, they’re finished with fine-grain natural leather that Maserati drivers will feel at home with, as well as gold-plated plugs. It helps to justify the £329.99 retail price.

Those with a little more cash to spend may be tempted by the 805 Maserati Edition loudspeaker. At £7500 per pair, they’re aimed squarely at connoisseurs of audio. The maple veneer and black leather mirrors a Maserati’s interior.

Can the 805 compete with the sound of a Quattroporte at full chat? We’d have to ask someone who owns both to find out…

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