MAR 11th 2014

Build a 650S at your desk

Following swiftly on from the Geneva launch of the new McLaren 650S, the renowned Woking manufacturer has released a tablet app to help you decide not only the exact combination of options you’d like for your 207mph, £195,000 supercar, but also in which setting it looks best as well.

McLaren Sales Director Greg Levine says: “… this app offers our fans the chance to closely interact with the car and explore their dreams of the McLaren 650S. They will certainly have a great deal of fun in the process by creating highly original images which they can share with fellow McLaren fans around the world.”

The idea is that you trawl through the wealth of personalisation options for the 650S to get it exactly how you’d want yours, then place the car in front of a virtual setting using the app’s photo gallery and adjust the lighting and reflections until the whole thing looks just-so. With your masterpiece complete you can then share it across McLaren’s various social media channels like Facebook and Twitter (@McLarenAuto) using the hashtag #mymclaren.

What’s more, if your creation impresses the right people at Woking it could end up on the McLaren Automotive website. Design Director Frank Stephenson reckons that McLaren fans “…will be able to use the innovative app to create some genuinely beautiful pieces of artwork.” Sounds good! We’ll have an orange one outside Goodwood House, please.

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