APR 23rd 2014

China orders a number 7

The BMW 7-series may not be a common sight round our way, but there’s lots of interest for such things in China. Which is probably why BMW chose Beijing to unveil the next-generation of its longest saloon. Well, not quite, but the Vision Future Luxury concept is said to drop strong hints at what’s to come.

By the look of it, what’s to come is an enormous kidney grille and some funky (by class standards) styling. The concept seems to borrow complex surfacing from the i3 and i8, albeit in a toned down form. How often can you say a car-maker’s concept is more sober than its production line offerings? The new car also showcases the kind of technology we can expect in the next Seven and it is exactly what you would expect… touchscreen dashboard, head-up display, revised iDrive interface.

What you wouldn’t expect, necessarily, is suicide rear doors. Will they make it to showroom cars? The concept apparently includes a carbonfibre underbody in which the front seats are load-bearing structural members. If that’s replicated in the production 7-series, maybe those funky doors will be coming too?

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