APR 03rd 2014

Could you turn down a Bugatti for a Trion?

Bold claims from unknown names

Supercar start-ups are a lot like reality TV singing competition contestants. Often the bold claims are hilarious hubris, but occasionally they’re the prelude to unearthing genuine talent.

When a new supercar maker arrives, big engines, dramatic styling and bold performance claims are usually the chosen ingredients. (Don’t worry, we’re not about to stretch the analogy to include Masterchef comparisons.) It’s a recipe (sorry) designed to take aim at the likes of Lamborghini, McLaren and Ferrari.

We’re no strangers to these ambitious supercar start-up companies; just last year, for instance, the Anglo-German Sin R1 made its dynamic debut amongst more famous exotica in the Festival of Speed’s Supercar Paddock.

The two newest names in the arena are the Arrinera Hussarya from Poland and the Trion Nemesis from the United States.

Arrinera Hussarya 2014 0001

The Arrinera gets off to a convincing start with a name that, in finest supercar tradition, is difficult to pronounce. It’s named after the Polish Hussar cavalry, in case you were wondering. Beneath the convincing styling is a GM 6.2-litre V8 that delivers its urge to the rear wheels via an automated manual gearbox.

Arrinera Hussarya 2014 0004

Claimed performance figures are a 211mph top speed and a 0-60mph time of 3.2sec. Arrinera is making a big play of the fact that the highly respected Lee Noble played a part in the chassis development and testing. The price hasn’t yet been disclosed, but expect it to retail comfortably into the six-figure mark.

If the Arrinera aims for the esoteric in its nomenclature, the Trion Nemesis goes for all-out aggression. Is it goading you to try it on with your Nemesis? The figures are just as assertive, revealing Trion’s lofty aims: this car wants to take on hypercars from Bugatti and Koenigsegg.

Trion Nemesis 2014 0002

Get this: 0-60mph in 2.8sec, a top speed of over 270mph and a power output from the twin-turbocharged V8 of 1973bhp. Yes, we had to read that twice too. These figures are released a month ahead of the construction of the first prototypes, so they need to viewed with a healthy dose of caution.

Will the reality live up to the hype? Time will reveal all. Until then, let’s just enjoy the fact that there is always a ready stream of automotive entrepreneurs chipping away at the established supercar players. Maybe we’ll see some of those new names at this year’s Festival of Speed where, for the first time ever, the supercar runs are to be timed. If they win, they’ll be singing.

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