APR 18th 2014

Earth fully 'Discoveryed'; Land Rover looks to the stars...

Disco-Vision2204142Pulling the covers off the new Discovery aboard US Intrepid, and with Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic spaceship parked alongside, Land Rover ensured its New York Auto Show was more newsworthy than most.

Land Rover is turning the Discovery from a single model into a family of cars (as per the Range Rover which encompasses three models and counting) and to herald the public rollout of this strategy, the firm showcased its ‘Discovery Vision Concept’.

This is of interest as presumably we’re looking at the Brian James-tugging tow-car of the future here, and it’s rather swish, no? It’s packed with technology too – and we’re not just talking plain-Jane internet touchscreens or similar. No, we’re talking a Discovery that you can drive at slow speed while standing outside the car using an app on your smartphone. The ultimate radio control car – and potentially perfect for trips home from our local hostelry The Fox Goes Free. (Ackshally offisher, the wife is driving. She’s at home should you swish to sleep with her…)

Land Rover designer Gerry McGovern says the first production model we’ll see sporting design cues from this concept will be revealed later this year and go on sale in 2015. Its name? Discovery Sport, a.k.a. the Freelander replacement, and the first step in turning Discovery from a car into a range.

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept unveiled aboard the US Intrepid in New York

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