APR 22nd 2014

Flies in the face (... of modernity?)

‘Tradition’ is a word associated with the Morgan Motor Company more than most, and so it seems fitting as the proud firm celebrates 100 years of manufacturing at the current factory in Worcestershire that their celebratory model is based upon the quintessential Plus 8, whose design has altered little since the introduction of the 4/4 model in 1950.

The Plus 8 Speedster is a celebration not only of the Malvern craftsmen’s centenary, but the stripped-out road-racer ethos which has seen them confidently enter their 12th decade of manufacture. £69,995 is required to make one your own and for that you’ll get a fast, individual, and stylish motor car. Okay, with such a low-slung screen your stylishness may be tempered somewhat by the various insects in your teeth that have paid the ultimate price for your lust for speed, but still…

Diligent use of a 361bhp BMW V8 apparently enables the Speedster to reach 62mph in just 4.2sec from standstill and on to a maximum speed of 148mph. This sounds plenty fast enough, but not so vicious as to be off-putting to those who prefer brisk but relatively civilised progress. Said aluminium V8 may be bolted to a choice of either 6-speed manual or automatic transmissions, and the whole lot is slotted in to Morgan’s latest aluminium chassis.

The styling is classic Morgan however; long bonnet (helped kept closed by use of a leather belt), short rear section, classic curves, and the lack of any bumpers and the fitting of track-inspired wheels (and even a roll-hoop) on the factory-supplied digital mock-ups hint that perhaps Morgan expect some owners to indulge in the odd track day.

As much fun as that sounds, we’d prefer something like a trip to Classic Le Mans to share Morgan’s centenary celebration with Continental Europe… ideally via somewhere like Genoa!


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