APR 28th 2014

Forced‑induction Ferrari fuss at Somerset House

California T to make dynamic debut at 2014 Festival of Speed

Elegant and imposing Somerset House saw the UK launch of the eagerly-awaited Ferrari California T at the end of last week. Not since the F40 has there been a Ferrari with turbo, and we can’t wait to see the car at its dynamic debut at this year’s Festival of Speed.

A sizeable crowd of Ferrari clients, VIPs, and celebrities turned out to enjoy the various refreshments and canapés, and judging by the pictures they were pleased by the drop-top Ferrari’s new styling; apparently inspired by the Fifties’ 250 Testa Rossa with its ‘pontoon’ fenders. We can’t honestly say that the similarity is instantly self-evident, but nevertheless the California T does look like an enchanting machine.

Like the 400-strong crowd who turned-up on the night, we’ll have to make-do for now with just technical details. The biggest news is to be found under the skin in the form of a new 3.8 litre twin-turbo V8 which hikes power output to 552bhp and makes possible a top speed of 196mph, as well as an apparent 15% increase in fuel efficiency. Add to this a 2+2 seating layout and a 340 litre luggage capacity, and it’s easy to imagine the California T will be a hit with those fond of a spot of cross-continental grand touring. Suffice to say we’ll be nagging for a drive…

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