APR 29th 2014

McLaren 'MSO' 650S show car channels Henry Ford Snr

One-off 650S the sign of things to come?

Say hello to the latest offering from the Woking corridors of horsepower; the McLaren MSO 650S.

The car is currently doing the rounds in China to whip up interest in the latest model, not that it’s really needed following universal adoration from reviewers so far. The MSO bit refers to McLaren Special Operations, which exists to personalise your McLaren to your exact specification.

In this instance there has been no hike in power (we’ll have to make-do with 641bhp, then…), but the cosmetic-only enhancements look pretty darn effective.

In this case that means ‘Agrigan Black’ paint (metallic, and with a deep ruby fleck) which has been specially developed for the car. It apparently changes hue in certain lights and works well with the many satin-finished exterior parts; front splitter, air intakes, GT3-inspired rear bumper, wheels, airbrake, and bespoke MSO side blades and rear diffuser. It’s all very… black. ‘Murdered out’ would appear to be the correct modern parlance for this kind of colour scheme.

The tweaks continue on the inside where the P1-derived carbon seats are clad with something called ‘carbon black leather’ and manage to position the occupants even lower in the cabin than with the off-the-peg 650S. The rest of the interior has been well and truly beaten with MSO’s black stick; switchgear, bezels, console… even the engine bay has something of the ‘Darth Vader’ about it.

McLaren is said to be watching-out for people’s reaction to the MSO 650S before considering any production examples, but if you’re determined that your 650S could do with some MSO bling, then you’ll be glad to hear that you can order the side-blades and rear diffuser for the sturdy sum of £12,359. Ahem…

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