APR 11th 2014

Mercedes versus Jaguar TV ad battle – round two?

Mercedes counts its chickens with new CLA ad

Cats and Mercedes are not usually a good mix in adverts. When Mercedes came up with its highly popular campaign that used chickens as a visual metaphor to demonstrate its Magic Body Control, the response from Jaguar USA was swift and merciless.

As part of its ‘good to be bad campaign’, Jaguar parodied the Mercedes advert, before the chicken apparently copped it in the jaws of a jaguar (the cat, not the car). “Magic Body Control? We prefer cat-like reflexes” was its unforgiving comeback.

Mercedes CLA cat 02

So it’s surprising to see Mercedes using a cat in its latest advert, to be aired for the first time this weekend. But the feline in the new Mercedes ad is no prowling big cat… instead it’s a (highly trained) domestic kitty that sleepily slides over a CLA to demonstrate just how aerodynamic the coupe is.

Given that Jaguar has no direct CLA rival, we’d venture to suggest there will be no rebuttal this time. In this case, Jaguar might be willing to let sleeping cats lie.

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