APR 30th 2014

Video: Can Mark Webber sell a Porsche 918?

It seems that the world of women’s tennis isn’t as lucrative as we thought. World number one Maria Sharapova should be in a prime position to treat herself to the lightweight ‘Weissach Pack’  version of the Porsche 918 at £712,088, but apparently even the £652,849 ‘entry level’ version is “… a little above my price range.” Perhaps we could offer her some extra hours helping out at FoS?

Sadly the producers of this clip chose to play some music at the point where Mr Webber makes use of the 918’s whopping 887bhp (why do they keep doing that?!), but you still get an impression of the kind of tune its 4.6 litre V8 produces. We really need to get our hands on one of these…





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