APR 25th 2014

Wouldn't you rather drive your bank balance?

A car in the garage versus money in the bank. It’s not a decision we’ve ever had to wrestle with for too long. The former always wins, right? Apparently we were correct all along. Even the first edition of The Coutts Index: Objects of Desire agrees with our back-of-a-fag-packet arithmetic. Apparently, between 2005 and 2013, classic car investments rose in value by 257 percent. But more importantly, owning an old car is a lot more fun than watching interest click by on a series of bank statements. You can’t bring a bank account to the pre-1966 car park at the Revival, after all. For £100, you can attend a seminar at Aston Martin Works on 30 April to learn how to choose a rising star instead of a rusty lemon – or even a rusty lemon that is a rising star. Speakers will include Simon de Burton (journalist and ex-Southeby’s luxury specialist), James Knight (Bonhams motoring director) and Nigel Woodward from Aston Martin Works. Passion asset investment is the title given to the practice of buying classic cars for investment. We just call it being a petrolhead.

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