MAY 28th 2014

290,000 units later, Ducati reveals new Monster derivative

Less has very often been more with the Ducati Monster, and the Italian manufacturer hopes that will be the case with this new mid-range 821cc version, which joins the 1200cc model we first saw at the Milan motorcycle show last November. This new edition uses the 821 Testastretta 11deg engine, which produces 112hp and 65.9ft lb in an overall package that weighs 179.5kg (dry).

But the bare-bones Monster has always been about more than bare-bone figures. It looks fantastic, particularly in the optional Dark edition that brings a black frame and wheels into the mix. The 821 also packs some of Ducati’s latest-generation technology, such as eight-level traction control, three-level ABS and three-level ride-by-wire amongst the ‘Riding Modes’.

Since introducing the Monster over 20 years ago, Ducati has sold over 290,000 of them. The retail price of the 821 is set at £8995 (or £8795 for the Dark edition) and will be available from UK showrooms from July. If it were our money, we’d save a few quid and go stealthy.

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