MAY 30th 2014

Blazing saddles!

First Euro-spec’ Mustangs snapped-up in 30 seconds…

It’s hard to believe there was a time when Ford quite literally couldn’t give ponies away. We’re not referring to the Mustang, but the ill-fated Edsel. The story goes that Ford’s marketing bods – bereft of ideas for inspiring people to test-drive an Edsel in the late 1950s – decided to enter the names of those who took one for a spin into a raffle. The winner being given their very own pony!

It didn’t work…

It would appear that no such desperate gimmicks will be required with Ford’s 2015 Euro-spec’ Mustang. During last Saturday’s Champions League final, Ford made 500 cars available across 20 European countries. Apparently 9,300 people applied in total, and some reports say the first 500 were bagged within 30 seconds.

It probably helped that there were limited options to choose from; those opting for the convertible will be limited to Magnetic Silver, whilst hardtop fans will get their cars in Race Red. Choice of motors will be between either a ‘420 horse’ 5-litre V8 or a 2.3-litre four cylinder (Eh? Ed), and all cars will be equipped with black leather seats, park assist, and 19 inch wheels.

The price? Well that’s the punchline… Despite the rush, Ford hasn’t announced that yet!

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