MAY 20th 2014

Fancy a ‘Spitfire’ for the water? We do!

If you were going to build an elegant, fast superyacht, where would you start? Claydon Reeves starts with a reconditioned Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, which seems like as good a place as any to us. Each of the 12 Aeroboats will use a reconditioned version of the V12 engine with documented provenance and detuned to 1100hp. Not only is it bound to sound terrific, it will give the Aeroboat a potential speed range of an incredible 75 to 95 knots.

The Spitfire connection continues with the Aeroboat’s appearance. Often cross-genre styling inspiration is pretty tenuous but, once you’re told that the stern and sweeping tail echo the shape of the Spitfire’s wing, it’s easy to see the translation. The throttle and switchgear are aircraft-inspired, too, and even the shock-mounted forward seating takes its cues from the Spitfire’s landing gear.

Aeroboat Dashboard_04 Teak

Not everything harks back to the 1930s. The classic Spitfire cues sit well with the Aeroboat’s use of modern materials. Carbon fibre, Kevlar and lightweight wood veneers – all of which are sourced in Britain – mean the Aeroboat is an entirely modern creation. As you would expect at this level, trim, interior design and exterior finishes can all be created bespoke to suit the owner.

A scale model of the Aeroboat will be displayed alongside a Merlin engine at July’s Salute to Style event in London, we’re told. We’re rather keen to see the real thing!

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