MAY 23rd 2014

The prancing workhorse?

If there’s any car marque best preserved for high days and holidays, it’s Ferrari. The Italian supercar experience should be scarce and savoured. OK, Ferrari may have added some practicality to its range recently with the four-wheel drive FF shooting brake, but even that shouldn’t be burdened with too much heavy lifting. It’s still a Ferrari, after all.

So where does that leave a Ferrari pick-up truck? This 1989 Ferrari 412 has been subjected to a conversion that renders everything aft of the B-pillar a load bay, making it an upmarket equivalent to the Ford P100 of the same era. Had it been built in period, it would have been ideal for the successful loada-money tradesman of the 1980s.

The conversion is actually much more recent. It’s the work of the London Motor Museum and its sister company , the London Supercar Workshop. Run by former fashion model Elo, it specialises in custom cars. The Ferrari is one of many cars to be covered in Ultimate Wheels, a History Channel show being broadcast at 9pm on Thursdays.

Back to the car, and the conversion was carried out by Will Trickett. He started by taking an angle-grinder to the car to remove 300mm of its roof to create a 3ft load bay. That might have made us cringe; the 400-series may not be the most sought-after Ferrari, but it’s still a Ferrari. Teak wood, inspired by yachts, was used to panel the load bay.

5_ Shotgun scoop bonnet copy

A couple of custom car modifications were also added, such as the ‘shotgun scoop’ protruding through the bonnet and bespoke exhaust. He we been doing the job, we’d have probably played it straight and kept the mechanical parts standard – but then we probably wouldn’t have thought of doing it in the first place, so what do we know?

We can’t help wonder what Ferrari Classiche would make of this re-rendering though…

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