MAY 27th 2014

Video: Bentley sees the light… but we’re reading between the lines

‘We don’t see lines. We see light’ says the one and only caption in a video released by Bentley to tease 2016’s off-roader. Well, we saw some lines… and they bore a clear family resemblance to the Continental GT. In other words, considerably less controversial than the EXP 9 F concept shown at Geneva in 2012.

After the initial shock of that rather startling concept, we’ve had time to let the idea of a Bentley SUV sink in. More importantly, Bentley has had time to respond to feedback and give the car a thorough restyle.

We still don’t really know what the production version of the Bentley off-roader will look like, but a teaser video released today by the Crewe crew arguably reveals more than Mercedes’ video did for the AMG GT did last week.

The new SUV, which still has no name, is due to go on sale next year. Summer testing has been completed, and winter testing is scheduled. Various engine options are expected at launch, with a plug-in hybrid to follow in 2017. What else do we know? The top speed is likely to be 200mph, making this arguably the first super-SUV, and production projections are set at 3500 cars per year.

With a few more teasers between now and launch, we’ll probably be ready for a Bentley off-roader by the time it’s launched next year.

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