MAY 20th 2014

Video: Mercedes teases with AMG GT preview

You’ll need to be quick, or do a lot of pausing, to get much of an idea of what the forthcoming Mercedes-AMG GT looks like from this official teaser video. Lots of blurry close-ups and quick edits mean you don’t get much of an impression of how the forthcoming SLS replacement, due later this year, will look. But that isn’t the point of the video… it’s more to convey the ethos of the car, with plenty of captions alluding to dynamics, performance and twisty roads. In essence, it says ‘watch out 911.’

At least we know what the interior looks like, thanks to sharp images released last month. More information will trickle out through the summer, with announcements scheduled for June, July and August. So we’ll know a little more by the time Mercedes takes centre stage at FoS…


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