MAY 04th 2014

Video: Movie mogul Jack Warner's Rolls‑Royce Phantom

Guess who I’ve had in the back of my cabriolet..?

Marlene Dietrich is among the star names associated with this fabulous Phantom 1, which was originally commissioned by Warner Bros studios boss Jack Warner from the Springfield US Rolls-Royce factory in 1929. The story goes she liked the spectacular Hibbard & Darrin bodied bolide so much that the studio ordered another and gave it to her as a present.

This car is currently in the hands of GRRC member Rob Gill here in the UK, but is shortly to embark on a voyage back to California where we hear it’ll be back in the limelight as one of the stars at Bonham’s Pebble Beach sale this summer. We couldn’t resist a ride in the back before it went, but at less than 5 miles per gallon we didn’t get much further than the top of the hillclimb…

Such excess makes a new Phantom seem positively frugal!

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