MAY 02nd 2014

Will a Luxembourgian at Lotus bring back ‘Esprit’?

It’s time for another new broom at Lotus, and this time it’s Jean-Marc Gales sweeping in (Geddit..? Ed) from his previous posting at the European Association of Automotive Suppliers.

We’re guessing Jean-Marc’s solid industry credentials (he was President of Automobiles Citroen and Peugeot from 2009-12, and has held senior positions at Daimler AG, GM and VW), make him an attractive choice for Lotus’s owner Proton – especially in the light of the *ahem* fireworks surrounding the last incumbent’s tenure. Oh, and 51-year-old Jean-Marc is from Luxembourg, in case you hadn’t worked that out from our headline.

What will this mean for the on-off saga of our longed-for new Lotus Esprit? Who knows, but one thing is certain; there are plenty more column inches to be written on the subject.

Ding-ding! Seconds out…

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