JUN 16th 2014

AMG GT's engine in detail. Smaller, turbo'd... better? (With video)

Even those engaged in horsepower battles have to comply with ever-tightening emissions and economy regulations, but the likes of AMG, M-Power et al aren’t going to give in and build city cars. Quite the opposite: with greater environmental responsibility will come greater power. Apparently, we’ll be ‘astonished’ by the AMG GT’s (probably relatively) modest CO2 output, but right now only performance figures have been released. Priorities are still in the right order, then. This is the latest in a drip-feed of news about AMG’s SLS replacement, but it brings the most detailed technical information yet.

Out goes the naturally aspirated 6.2-litre V8 which AMG has stuck by for so many years. In comes a downsized and bi-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8. The new M178, as it’s called, is the first engine to be developed wholly by AMG. It produces 510bhp at 6250rpm and 479lb ft of torque from just 1750rpm. Headline figures aren’t the development team’s only focus. Internal components have been designed with light weight in mind for greater throttle response, while AMG has been working with F1 lubricant partner Petronas to reduce internal friction. On the subject of lubrication, there’s also a dry sump to keep the centre of gravity low.  While the GT will be first home for the M178 V8, it will appear in other AMGs of the future.

The end of the video also shows a stylised computer generated animation that quite possibly gives a bigger clue to the GT’s appearance than the teaser released previously. Given AMG’s record so far, we probably won’t have to wait too long until some more information is trickled out of Affalterbach…

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