JUN 12th 2014

Are Countach values on the up?

A fortnight ago an early ‘Perescopica’ Countach sold for over $1.2million (£720,000) in Bonhams’ sale at the Greenwich Concours d’Elegance. That was a record figure for a Countach, however when certain cars’ values begin to climb it’s often the early models which lead the way; ‘flat floor’ Jaguar E-Types being another example of this in recent years.

During last Saturday’s Historics at Brooklands sale though, a 1982 model Countach LP400S sold for £337,120; another record and three times over its reserve price. Although bidding seemed to have stalled at the £180,000 mark, once it picked up again it did so at a heady pace to hit the record figure. Interestingly, we’re told that the vendor was about to pull out of the sale when the car was at around £150,000!

The car in question was one of just 321 such models built in the ‘crossover’ year of 1982, and was fitted with the larger 4.8-litre V12 motor. Showing just 8543 miles it had reportedly sat in professional dry storage for the last 23 years and run regularly, prior to being re-awakened by London specialists HR Owen at a cost in excess of £4500 in time to be sold.

Does this mean that Countach values are set to soar? It’s possible, although it’s worth remembering that both Bonhams’ ‘Perescopica’ car, and this LP400S are both exceptional examples of sought-after models, not to mention the fact that a white Countach became a subject for conversation through the successful Wolf of Wall Street film, after appearing in a certain infamous scene!

So, when is the next notable Countach coming to auction? That would be this Perescopica’ model at Bonhams’ Festival of Speed sale at the end of the month. Suffice to say that after recent events, there will be a lot of attention paid to this car; it’s high estimate of £550,000 suddenly looking a little modest in light of recent events.

Click here for a full list of results from Historics at Brooklands’ sale.




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