JUN 18th 2014

Driving school... Lamborghini style (with video)

‘Squadra Corse’ just sounds cool, doesn’t it? Each of the Lamborghinis – including the fleet of brand new Huracans – that has made Goodwood its home since the beginning of this week is emblazoned with the name of Lamborghini’s in-house motorsport arm. Like almost everything spoken in Italian, it just sounds quick.

The division is part of Lamborghini’s R&D department and looks after all of the company’s on-track activities. That includes its GT3 and Super Trofeo racing cars, as well as its customer driving programme – and it’s that Accademia course that is taking place at Goodwood at the moment.

These courses are open to all; you don’t have to have any circuit driving experience or your name on a Lamborghini logbook. The one-day ‘Intensivo’ course (more judicial use of the Italian language) aims to improve candidates’ dynamic and performance driving techniques, while also focusing on providing maximum ‘seat time.’

If the constant crackle of V10s and rumble of V12s is anything to go by, it sounds like there’s plenty of time on track for those who have been at Goodwood this week. Oh, and if you don’t fancy circuit driving, winter courses offer ice driving, too. Check out the video for some gratuitous footage on ice and circuit…

Photography: Nicole Hains

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