JUN 23rd 2014

Oceans apart: Bugatti Atlantic replica

It’s not often we feature a car advert, never mind one for a replica, but this one we thought worth sharing…

Although not a faithful recreation of the Bugatti Atlantic, Delahaye USA’s Pacific (see what they’ve done there?)  is still a rather stunning piece of work. Somewhat predictably, with this American interpretation the chassis is a full 10 inches longer than the original to allow for ‘substantially more driver and passenger room’. Power comes from what appears to be the V12 from the old BMW 750, which should give enough smooth performance without turning the car into a hot rod, and bolted to it is a four-speed electronic transmission. Again, a sensible choice. Imagining this car with, say, a fire-breathing modern V8 and a snappy seven-or-eight speed transmission just doesn’t seem quite right.

The body has been made from what’s described as ‘carbon fibre and composite’, and is just stunning to our eyes, even though on close inspection it differs significantly from the original in most areas. That the front and rear windscreens are flush-fitting betrays the car’s modern-day confection, oh and the fact that its handsome grille displays a ‘Delahaye’ emblem is also a dead-giveaway.

On the inside, the only apology that needs making is for the black plastic BMW gear selector. Apart from that it looks incredibly inviting. Back in the day it would have been acceptable to use something like Ostrich or Tiger in place of the the brocade fabric with its contrasting welting, but still there can be fewer more inviting places to be sat on that trip down to the South of France.

The price for this beautifully-made opulence? Just under £130,000, but with the exchange rate to the States gradually tipping in our favour recently that figure could improve slightly. Bearing in mind that Ralph Lauren’s Atlantic is reckoned to be worth in the region of $40,000,000 and that’s a bargain, isn’t it? See the original ad here.

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