JUN 11th 2014

Porsche stickers‑up the 911 Carrera S, Martini style

It’s not been uncommon for Stuttgart’s finest to have ‘Martini’ stickers slapped on them – ever since the famous 1971 Le Mans-winning 917K bore the original livery and created an icon. You can even have the Martini livery pack added to the new 918 Spyder, although if the cost of the hybrid hypercar is beyond your means you can always give the Martini treatment to the 911 Carrera S instead.

What we have here is the Martini Racing Edition Carrera S, which is a Carrera S adorned with the Aerokit Cup package of a fixed rear wing and front fascia, sill covers which read ‘911 Carrera S – Martini Racing edition’, Porsche Communications Management, Sports Chrono package, a black rev counter face, and that sticker set on top of either black or white paint.

No engine enhancements have been announced, which is a shame. The 400 standard-issue horses will make for a fast car, but a little extra oomph would be good given the shouty nature of its appearance. Nevertheless, it’s likely that the limited run of Martini Racing Edition cars will sell easily.

Porsche has announced that it will be selling the decal set separately later this year. How long before we see ’em on Toyota MR2s and the like..?


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