JUN 02nd 2014

The £700k Lamborghini Countach... is it a record?

With little under three weeks to go until the 2014 Festival of Speed, it’s good to see Bonhams getting in plenty of practice ahead of what will be one of the global highlights of the car auction calendar.

Their most recent outing was across the pond at their Greenwich sale in Connecticut at the weekend, where the usual blend of classics and exotics went under the gavel along with… a Citroen 2CV and a Morris Minor Pickup!

The Minor was, until recently, the property of none other than Whoopi Goldberg. Quite how or why an esteemed actress would want to own such a humble little hauler we have no idea, but own it she did, and now it has a new home after someone handed over £7,559 for the Moggy which had benefitted from an ‘older restoration.’ Somewhat more was needed, however, for the 2CV. As a very early 1948 example it had the fluted bonnet and full-length canvas roof, which extends right back to the base of the bootlid on the early cars. £19,719 was the winning bid. A possible record, perhaps?

Another possible record was made when an early Lamborghini Countach ‘Periscopica’ realised a whopping £723,027; further indication that the time has well-and-truly come for the earliest examples of the famous wedge-shaped cars from Sant’ Agata. The early ‘flat floor’ E-Type Roadster is another car which has enjoyed a success in recent years, and Bonhams had what was supposedly the 91st of the 300 cars built with external bonnet locks. Matching numbers, with original hand books and tools and the all-important Heritage Certificate, it too demonstrated the demand for early examples by selling for £200,481; not quite a record, but a very strong price nonetheless.

A spectacular Jaguar XK150 further bolstered the reputation for sought-after Jaguars at auction when it attracted £121,603; the car in question having amassed an enormous  haul of concours awards across the United States, and is still holds ‘100 point’ status within the Jaguar Club of North America.

One of the most iconic American cars in the auction, and one of our favourites, was a magnificent 1937 Cord 812 which made a solid £68,018. There was also keen interest in an equally magnificent Auburn, a Fiat Abarth, and such a thing as a Fitch Phoenix! Read about these cars and the rest of the lots in the full list of results HERE.

Roll on the Festival of Speed when we get to see how Bonhams follow-up last year’s world record auction…



* All prices quoted include buyer’s premiums


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