JUL 16th 2014

Daimler shows an interest in MV Agusta... will it rival Audi‑owned Ducati?

Could Daimler be the company to rescue MV Agusta from its financial dire straights? Daimler was, reportedly, one of the bidders who lost out to Audi when Ducati was sold in 2012, and MV Agusta could be cheaper route to owning a famous motorcycling name.

Reuters is the source of the current news that Daimler could be interesting in approaching MV Agusta with the intention of buying a minority stake. And if no deal between the two is forthcoming, MV Agusta may offer 30 per cent of its business on the Italian stock exchange. Either way, the troubled motorcycle maker needs a boost from somewhere.

They may not have quite been on a par with the best of the sports/superbike sector for a while now, but surely the world needs any manufacturer that can build something this beautiful?

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