JUL 25th 2014

Downsized, forced induction and – shock! – less power for AMG GT’s V8

We’re used to downsizing and forced induction for modern performance car engines, but the AMG GT’s new 4.0-litre V8 takes its 2016-spec Euro 6 compliance responsibilities to a new level by producing 79bhp less than the 6.2-litre SLS AMG it replaces – 503bhp plays 582bhp. Remember, though, that the GT is tipped to be a smaller car than the SLS.

There’s plenty of innovation to be found in the new twin-turbocharged M178 engine. It’s the first sports car engine to combine what’s dubbed ‘hot inside V’ and dry sump lubrication. The former refers to the fact that the turbochargers are mounted inside the V of the cylinder banks, resulting in compact overall dimensions. The dry sump also has packaging advantages, allowing the engine to be mounted lower in the chassis for a lower centre of gravity.

The 3982cc V8 is closely related to the 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine in the A45 AMG (and its close siblings the CLA and GLA 45 AMGs). They share the same bore/stroke ratio, which gives them a characteristically high-revving nature.

The official Mercedes-AMG video below describes the engine with a suitably serious voice-of-god narration that calls it a ‘quantum leap into the future of technology.’ As well as the GT, the new engine will soon appear in other AMG products, including the replacement for the C63.

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