JUL 09th 2014

Exagon Furtive eGT: 0‑62 in 3.5 seconds ... on electricity

It’s unusual for the French to produce a contemporary sports/GT car, let alone one which threatens to drag the sector kicking and screaming into a new age. However, the Exagon Furtive eGT might be capable of achieving just that.

Powered by two Siemens electric motors each delivering 400bhp and featuring ‘Formula One technology’ the eGT can supposedly make the zero to 62mph dash in 3.5 seconds, which is genuine supercar territory. Top speed is limited to 155mph, and the ‘city’ driving range is an impressive 224 miles, which would seem to make it a viable proposition from a practical perspective too. The cost isn’t clear, but the indication is that the figure will be something in the region of £350,000 – £400,000.

Another thing about the car is that, to our eyes at least, it looks rather stunning, and underneath that appealing shape is a a carbon tub with a cast aluminium rear structure, McLaren 650S style. Add this combination of cutting-edge technology and Gallic good-looks, and it’s not inconceivable that this could be the the shape of things to come in the sports/GT sector.

Interested? Well, you’ll be able to take a close look at one at The Hurlingham Club’s ‘Salute to Style’ event between the 16th and 19th of July. Visit www.hurlinghamclub.org.uk/salutetostyle for more details.



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