JUL 18th 2014

Fancy over 700hp for under £45k? We know we do

Dodge Challenger Hellcat

How much would you pay for a car with over 700hp? Go to the Lamborghini dealer for a 710hp Aventador and you’ll be charged £260,000. That’s not an unreasonable sum for a flagship supercar. Decide to spend your money with Dodge, however, and the price comes down significantly.

The 707hp Challenger Hellcat may lose out by 3hp to the Lambo, but you’ll have plenty of change, not to mention an extra 139 pounds of torque over the flash Italian (650 vs 511). The price in the US has just been announced at $59,500. That translates to under £36,000, a figure you could easily spend on a specced-up BMW 1-series in the UK. Think about that for a moment. By our reckoning, you could import one to the UK, pay all your taxes and convert it for our roads for under £45,000. That’s got to be a bargain compared to European metal of the same money, hasn’t it?

We know that nobody is going to turn down an Aventador for a Hellcat, but the comparison is an interesting one. The real question is how many Europeans will turn down a less powerful, more expensive BMW M4 or Audi RS5 in favour of the American two-door. Not enough, we fear.

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