JUL 10th 2014

Ferrari 458 Speciale 'Novitec Rosso': The best, made better?

Despite already being hailed by many a reviewer as one of the finest supercars out there, the good people at German firm Novitec couldn’t help but wave their magic wand over the Ferari 458 Speciale to see if they could extract just a bit more driving pleasure for us.

Their ‘Novitec Rosso’ package would seem to do the trick if you reckon that the Speciale just isn’t quite Speciale enough. A number of refreshingly discreet carbon-fibre aero parts supposedly help to keep the 458 on the blacktop at speed, which will be reassuring seeing as though Novitec has upped the redline to an eye-watering 9,250 rpm, and increased maximum power output to 638PS from 605PS. Top that lot off with one of Novitec’s howling (and significantly lighter over standard) signature exhaust systems, one-off forged rims, and a tasteful drop in ride height, and you can see the conversion being popular.

In the UK, Novitec’s work is carried out by Ferrari experts Scuderia Sytems who can actually tailor the package to suit your taste, whether you want to go for the full conversion, or merely select aspects of it which take your fancy. We predict a busy order book …

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