JUL 04th 2014

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione for sale: 'Rare' redefined.

There’s rare, and then there’s… rare. One could reasonably call a Ferrari Enzo a rare car. Only 400 were made, fewer than that number still exist, and it will always be one of the more sought-after Ferraris. They come up for sale now and then at auction and tend to make the best part of £1m.

Then came the FXX; an extreme Enzo for track use only and with a gargantuan 790bhp, which was famously not even delivered to the people who shelled-out the $1.3m required to own one. Instead, Ferrari retained the cars and provided them for their owners to use at private track sessions. Only 30 FXX cars were made. Let’s call them ‘super-rare’.


However, taking things one step further was the FXX Evolutione. This was a $300,000 package of add-ons over-and-above the FXX which boosted power to a tarmac-melting 850bhp, reduced shift-time from a tardy 80 milliseconds to a spritely 60 (!), and incorporated a number of further aerodynamic enhancements which meant a top speed of 227mph. This is a mega-rare car, however to see one actually for sale elevates the rarity to something like seeing a unicorn… being ridden by Bigfoot.

But this is what we have here with this advert’ from a US dealer. It purports to be car number 1 and in mint condition. No price is listed, but we’d expect serious buyers to be informed that it will be well over $2m, possibly closer to $3m… Seeing how the market has been going bananas for rare Ferraris in recent years (and shows no sign of slowing down), might such a figure even be considered decent value?




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