JUL 17th 2014

Is a pony car horsepower war on the way?

…we certainly hope so!

We reckon that the first 1000bhp pony car is within sight. After the advent of the 707bhp Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, it was inevitable that Ford or Chevrolet (or both) would retaliate, and the latest spy-shots from the Nürburgring would suggest that the Blue Oval mob will be striking back first.

It is of course unlikely that Ford will up the ante straight away and deliver a 100obhp car, but since Dodge raised the bar to 707bhp that day surely can’t be far off. That the Challenger’s rivals are both more-rounded driver’s machines (the Camaro ZL1 has lapped the ‘ring quicker than an Audi R8 V10) could mean that Ford and Chevy don’t feel the need to compete in the horsepower war, but we have a hunch that they will.


As for the mysterious machine in these pictures, it would appear to be the replacement for the much-loved Shelby GT500, although much specualtion surrounds whether it will even carry the Shelby moniker. Further rumours have been doing the rounds as to the possible development of a 180-degree crankshaft V8, which might generate huge power at the expense of that classic off-beat 90-degree-crank burble. And while we’re looking at the possible spec, how about those enormous brakes! This is likely to be a very fast car.

We await with baited breath a retort from Chevrolet. But seeing as though their Camaro tends to lap courses the fastest of the pony car trio, and that it has outsold the others solidly since its launch, they’re bound to have something tasty up their sleeve.

This is going to be fun.

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