JUL 23rd 2014

Need to make an entrance at Revival? This 'Juan and Eva Peron' Cadillac will get you noticed..

There are lots of ways to make your fabulous ‘in-period’ entrance at the Goodwood Revival. You can be a leather-clad rocker on your 1950s Norton, a chic fashionista in your swinging sixties Italian sportscar, or even join the armed forces and turn up in a Willys.

ep32307All sorts of eras and styles are represented at Revival, although we’ve yet to see anyone adopting truly authentic period presidential airs. So if you fancy leading a South American ‘junta’ for the weekend – naturally in white full dress uniform, resplendent with yards of gold braid and a chestful of medals – we may just have found you the perfect ride.

It’s a gorgeous ’51 Cadillac Limousine with impeccable presidential provenance, having served as the Official State Car for Argentine President Juan Peron and his wife Eva.

The car recently arrived in the UK following a number of years on display at the Museo Evita in Buenos Aires. It’s up for grabs at the Silverstone Auctions sale at Salon Prive on Sept 4th, and accompanying the sale are many images of Juan and Eva with the car including them as passengers en route to a state function.

The pre-auction estimate is £200-250k, which isn’t too far out of reach for such a wonderful piece of history. Revival tickets haven’t quite sold out yet, either…


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